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Edible Chocolate Legos


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Anonymous said: youre sexy ;)

Well, thank you stranger! ^^

Jul 31


So this is my transition so far

1) my senior year od high school, almost three years ago. I was an officer in my JROTC. At the atart of the school year i told me then girlfriend and a seclet few friends I crossdressed. I then toyed with the bigender identity before accepting I was just a woman, a trans woman and came out to most of my friends by the end of the year. I will later came out to my family between then and the start of my freshman year of college

2) freshman year of college ans first time seriously playinga round with make up. A few people at school know I’m trans including my roommates. I came out to my dad and the day before thanksgiving break I came ou on facebook. My college friend ariana taught me how to apply makeup this day and gave me a starter kit which I still have.

3) Winter Break freshman year: I wear my wig my friend stacey got me for the time, and finally bought some clothes of my own. I deal with high tensions with my mom due to me coming out on facebook. It’s rough.

4) Halloween party sophmore year of college, almost 1 year ago. My friend Ashley did my hair and makeup. I was belle for halloween. I almost cried.

5) winter semi formal sophmore year of college. Went to my first prom like party in a dress giving to my friend sabrina. I don’t feel pretty, but my friends tell me I am and tagt sort of make me feel good. I spend the night dancing, eating cocktail weenies with a coocnut sauce and discussing my superhero headcanons with a friend named Catherine.

6) Homecoming breakfast may 2014. My highschool has a homecoming breakfast it’s the first time many of m peers and old teachers see me since coming out, many did not know. Most were supportive. It was a good feeling.

7) June 11th, 2014. My nephew graduated today, we celebrated by going to chuck e cheeses. I than went to Callen Lorde and started hormones. One of the happiest days of my life. My friend jasmine and her partner take me out to celebrate.

8) June 29 I believe. The first time I ever go to pride. I almost fainted seeing averne cox and had a touching momen with a mother who had a trans girl as a daughter. I also had to deal with a creep first time in person.

9) July 11: One month on hormones. I feel great and I start to notice some changes

10) Last friday, I went to a pool party with a friend. I’m coming close to two months. Also the first time I’m going into pool dressed as the real me. I had fun but began to worry about my future and If I could ever go to the pool with my mom again. A Question still unanswered.

That’s my girl! :D You’re amazing, Rosie, and may you just continue to grow and flourish as who you are! <3

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Totoro Macaron!

Totoro Macaron!

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if you follow the paintbrush with your eyes while not moving your head, it forces you to use emdr which is a therapeutic technique to calm anxiety/panic. watching fish swim causes the same effect.


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Bunnies are  the best, don’t even try to deny it!